ABE by Apex Biocare


The ABE store is another milestone for Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd in the process of branding both internally and externally. We are launching a new venture in Apex Biocare to distribute our own brand as well as other brands. As part of this platform, only genuine and well-formulated health and nutritional supplements will be distributed.

Through ABE , we hope to gain more market share by offering consumers a wide range of health products at an affordable price that provide a significant level of efficacy. To hold true to this principle, we will only recruit brands that are of the highest quality and have been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Upon signing up with merchants, we will have strict policies and regulations, such as screening products for certification, manufacturing origin, and NPRA registration.

Our in-house brands include NuFinity®, FENTON™, and Jeongpum (KR). Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd has built NuFinity® and FENTON™ from the ground up since 2017. In 2022, Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd emerged as the licensing agent for Jeongpum from Korea. With ABE, the product range will continue to expand, starting with footcare and ointments and subsequently extending to beauty products.



ABE offers a wide range of products in the areas of health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle through an e-commerce platform.


Award-winning Company

As a multinational based manufacturer, the Golden Bull Award helps in boosting the confidence of our stakeholders both locally and internationally.


Award-winning Brand

The NuFinity® brand was developed by Apex Biocare to enhance well-being and health and was awarded by SuperBrand Malaysia as a unique and trusted international brand.


Reliable & Trustworthy

Our company has grown tremendously over the past five years, adding warehouses, manufacturing plants, and laboratories to complement our business nature.

Recognition of Company & Brands