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NuFinity® SynPro 30’s (FREE NuFinity D3K2 30ml)


Better gut health better lifestyle with NuFinity® Synpro! NuFinity® Synpro contains 20 billion live bacteria from 11 different bacteria strains with 2 types of prebiotics. It helps to reset the balance of microorganisms in the gut, increase the number of good bacteria and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.



  • Synbiotic – Probiotic + 2 Types of Prebiotic
  • 20 Billion CFU Live Bacteria with 11 Strains of Bacteria
  • Utilized with Patented Microencapsulating Technology

NuFinity SynPro Korea

NuFinity® Synpro is a synbiotic product containing mixtures of probiotics and prebiotics from South Korea. The prebiotic acts as “food” for the probiotic, aiding in the maintenance of probiotic activity. The amount of live bacteria in one sachet is 20 billion, which is more than enough for an adult’s daily requirement (1-10 billion/day). NuFinity® Synpro also consists of 11 types of beneficial bacterial strains each focusing on different functions in promoting digestive health. Furthermore, the patented probiotic microencapsulation technology, Probiocap® protects the probiotic from the factory until it reaches the intestine.

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  • Maintain gut health
  • Improve digestion 
  • Boost immunity
  • Relieve constipation
  • Relieve diarrhoea
  • Increase beneficial bacteria
  • Kill harmful bacteria